“Conflict of Values”

By Michael Dismuke, STA Contributing Writer
Art by Wayne Miller


The Star Trek movie era was marked by a renewed focus on interstellar diplomacy and the pursuit of peace among the United Federation of Planets and the Klingon Empire. Star Trek: The Undiscovered Country explored the more nuanced and complex aspects of diplomacy and negotiation in the face of a violent crisis.

One of the key responsibilities of Starfleet crews during this era was to ensure peaceful relations with fellow members of the United Federation of Planets. This was no easy task, as there were often factions within member worlds who were vehemently opposed to Federation membership for a variety of reasons: social, political, religious, and more. These factions may have engaged in flagrant uprisings or made insidious attempts to shatter the peace of the Federation, and it was up to Starfleet crews to intercede and broker a peace.

The new Star Trek Adventures standalone adventure “Conflict of Values” explores one such polity, the Arbazan. Little has been seen of the Arbazan in the movies or television series, which gives gamemasters the opportunity to expand on their lore. I wanted a scenario that would reflect a scene all too familiar in today's world, where political and social tensions can lead to conflict and unrest. In Star Trek, however, the stakes are much higher, as the very survival of the Federation and its member worlds is at risk.

The crew of a starship in this scenario is faced with the daunting task of navigating the complex and often contradictory values of different factions within the polity. They must balance the needs and desires of the different groups, while also maintaining the integrity and principles of the Federation. This is no easy task, as the crew must constantly navigate the fine line between diplomacy and force, compromise and steadfastness.

The key theme of the module is the idea of conflict of values. Values can play a huge role in any Star Trek Adventures campaign, and I wanted to design a module that encouraged player characters to utilize them to push the story forward narratively. In a universe as vast and diverse as the Star Trek universe, there are bound to be clashes between different cultures, belief systems, and political ideologies. The crew must be able to navigate these conflicts with sensitivity and understanding, while also being able to assert the values and principles of the Federation. To broker a peace between different factions, the crew must be able to understand the motivations and desires of each group. They must be able to see things from multiple perspectives, and to find common ground between seemingly disparate beliefs and values.

Star Trek stories often focus on diplomacy and negotiation and showcase the complex and often challenging work of Starfleet crews in maintaining peaceful relations with member worlds. I hope “Conflict of Values” serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of empathy, understanding, and communication in resolving conflicts, both within the Star Trek universe and in our own world.

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