An Introduction to  Mythic Commander
By Kieran Street


What is Mythic Commander?

Mythic Commander is a tactical wargame in which two Players battle against each other, each issuing commands to their army of soldiers, monsters and siege engines in order to outmanoeuvre and out play their opponent on the battlefield.

The game offers a range of Units and Upgrades to customise each Player’s Army as well as as Spell and Command Cards that can be used throughout the battle to unleash devastating magical abilities or to issue special orders to an Army’s Units.

What do I need to Play?  

The Mythic Commander Core Rulebook contains everything that both players will need to play with the exception of dice. Players will need around 10 six-sided gaming dice to get going. All of the other components required to play: rules, battlefield, cards and tokens are included.

Can the game be played with miniatures?

Yes, absolutely. 

The Core set includes Unit Tokens for players to begin playing with right away but any gamers who already have their own miniature collection are free to play using whichever minis they want to. The only thing that is important is for each player to know which miniature represents which Unit while playing. 

The game’s battlefield maps can accommodate miniature base sizes up to 40mm. If using miniatures with bases larger than this, the players will need to create their own map/battlefield grid to play on.

What sort of fantasy setting does the game have?

Mythic Commander is an open world setting, there is no specific fantasy world that it is tied to. Players can use the game’s rule mechanics to play in any fantasy setting that they want to, from an existing fantasy world or one made up entirely by themselves.

The game rules provide 7 different Factions for Players to pick from and can choose whichever best suits their desired force or miniatures collection. The abilities of Units from the chosen Faction can then be customised further with optional Upgrades drawn from 6 different Civilisations.

How many Factions are included in the Core Game?

The game provides 4 different styles of Unit tokens and each Player can choose which of the game’s 7 Factions they want their tokens to represent in the game.

The Unit tokens also include some classic fantasy favourites like the Spiders and Wolves as well as big Monsters like the Dragon and Giant.

When is the game available to buy?

Mythic Commander is on sale right now on the Modiphius Webstore (and is also available at Modiphius Events): 

Mythic commander