Halloween Horrors 2023

Welcome to another chilling edition of Halloween Horrors – are you ready to be terrorised as Achtung! Cthulhu presents its now annual offering of ghosts, ghouls, and things that go bump in the night!?

This year we’ve a special treat with five FREE fantastically frightening Halloween Horrors from the devious mind of acclaimed horror writer Bill Heron, all ready to unleash a reign of terror to your RPG games!

All these plus a FREE scenario Mysteries of the Manor, an exciting mission set in a remote English country house under siege by the Black Sun. Can your agents rescue the captives before a dark tome is discovered and the Halloween Horrors are released?

Even though both are specially written for Achtung! Cthulhu, they can be readily adapted for other gaming systems. Oh, and did we mention they’re FREE!?

Both FREE PDFs will be released on this page for FREE on October 31st at 3pm BST!

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Meanwhile, each day this week and next Monday we’ll be revealing details and pictures of each horror as we go along, giving you a chance to savour the unique flavour they bring to the game!

Flying Polyp

The eternal and immortal foe of the Great Race of Yith, the Flying Polyps seeped down to Earth from a distant galaxy millions of years ago. Constructing grim windowless cities of basalt towers, they fought numerous wars with Deep Ones and Sheehad, but their true foes were (and still are) the Great Race of Yith who forced the Polyps deep below the earth where they still dwell.

Grand-Mère Chérie

Grand-Mère Chérie or “Grandmother Sweetheart” was one of the city’s most prolific mass murderers. Born in the infamous Paris slums in the early 1600s, she grew to a ripe old age before undergoing the dark hunger after a particularly hard winter. This compulsion to eat the dead forced her to consume the pox-ridden corpses of her human family, undergo a transformation and stirred a deep protective urge toward her new ghoul family.


The winds of Earth are favourable to Djinn and although they can take corporeal form, they prefer to prowl their territory from the air. Their once-beautiful forms are now ragged scraps of skin over scarred, blackened, and scorched flesh. Intelligent and able to speak many languages, Djinn are capricious, cruel, and ultimately serve their own ends. They do not take well to being commanded, and any alliance with them is tenuous at best.


Shape changing freshwater-dwelling Deep Ones who have a vague resemblance to black horses, although this is part of their glamour — Kelpie’s hooves are aligned backward and are closer to claws. They can assume human form and it is usually a comely one, but their hair is matted with weeds from the lakes or rivers they inhabit. They have a command of water magic and take an especial pleasure in drowning solitary humans.


A particularly nasty extra-dimensional entity that draws upon the fear of its victims before dispatching them in as unpleasant a way as possible. It is drawn to those who are lost, one way or the other, easy prey for this creature and it goes out of its way to torment them. It also enjoys torturing travellers, misleading them before feeding off their dread.

Halloween Competition!

We’re not quite done yet! We want to see your designs for new and fiendish monsters and creatures with which to populate the Achtung! Cthulhu RPG!

Give your creation, a name, title, up to 200 words of description and a stat profile to outline their special abilities. You can use the Black Sun Master here as a template.

The Competition is open from today, until Nov 30th after which we’ll select the winners! The prize will be $50 PDF store credit for each horror accepted, plus a chance to have your creation immortalised in a future Achtung! Cthulhu release.

Once you’re done, mail support@modiphius.com with the subject line Creature Feature 2023, we look forward to seeing your best, most monstrous creations!

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