Explore Solasta

Whether hunting for ancient artifacts in the ravaged Badlands or navigating epic adventures in the central continent of Ferandragh, the revised Campaign Rulebook gives you all the tools to create epic adventures in the broken world of Solasta!

Play Unique Subclasses

Bring the pain as the Shock Arcanist Wizard or weave trickery throughout the battlefield as the Shadowcaster Rogue! The Revised Edition brings all 41 of your favorite sub-classes from Solasta: Crown of the Magsiter from the screen to the table!

Battle Fearsome Foes

Stock your adventures with over 20 creatures unique to the world of Solasta. Have your party face off against the deadly Sorr-Akkath, the cursed Fallen, or the many-legged nightmare that is the Spider Queen!


A millennia after the world-shattering Cataclysm, magic has returned to Solasta. As civilizations bloom amongst the ruins of the old world, new conflicts threaten to ignite, and a hidden hand prepares to make its move...

Take your party through trap-filled dungeons, uncover legendary treasures, and navigate lethal political intrigue, on your adventures through the unforgettable world of Solasta!

Based on Solasta: Crown of the Magister, the revised edition of the Solasta Campaign Rulebook for Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition brings everything you loved about the acclaimed computer game to your table. The 196-page full-colour, hardcover Solasta Campaign Rulebook features:

  • The complete history of the world of Solasta and a breakdown of its major religions.
  • The first ever realm-by-realm guide to the continent of Ferandragh, and an in-depth examination of the city of Caer Cyflen and the Badlands.
  • Full rules for Solasta’s playable species and over 40 new subclasses, including the Path of Stone Barbarian, Swift Blade Ranger, and Court Mage Wizard.
  • A bestiary of deadly foes including the cunning Sorr-Akkath, dread Defilers, and more!


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