#FalloutFriday Feedback

By Jon Webb

Our first #FalloutFriday has come and gone and it was great to see players, painters and hobbyists sharing their efforts and responding to the Undiscovered Vault scenario.

Having looked through our forums, Discord, Twitter, Facebook and Reddit communities, I’ve picked a few of you out who I feel deserve rewarding for your #FalloutFriday efforts. So, this month’s winners who get themselves $50 of store credit are as follows:

Corey Boradway-Bennett and Pawel Galas both put on great table setups as they went looking for that UndiscoveredVault, while Nakai built the entrance itself. It seems it was Vault 114 that you were all looking for. It seems someone even managed to blow the “blinking” doors off.

Finally Darren Scott Jakes has a great instagram feed where he posted some lovely miniatures and terrain sets that would make great forces to go searching for that Vault.

If the four of you can reach out to support@modiphius.com with your webstore account we’ll credit each of you with $50 to spend on the Fallout line.

The next adventure, Vestiges Resurgent is already up and can be downloaded so you can start prepping for the next #FalloutFriday which will be December 11th. I look forward to seeing your gaming, Enclave paint jobs and terrain features that are inspired by this new scenario.

Till next time, don’t forget to share and tag your efforts to make sure I get to see them.

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